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Department Introduction

1. Department Features:

1. Our department will promptly coordinate with the policy of the Area Outstanding Sports Athletes Cultivation Plan issued by the Ministry of Education, Taiwan (R.O.C.), to strengthen the cultivation of Southern Taiwan outstanding sports athletes. In recent decade, Taiwan has cultivated many outstanding athletes, in which many of them were come from Southern Taiwan; for example, 6 of the 8 golden medals of Chinese Taipei Team were won by Kaohsiung City in the 2009 Kaohsiung City World Sports Games. And, Kaohsiung City has won nearly 20% of the total game medals amount in the recent 2 years (76 of 440 the total medals in 2011; 71 of 367 the total medals in 2010), which shows that the youth and adolescent outstanding athletes of Kaohsiung City are the key athletes of golden medal winners no matter in the international or domestic important Games. Therefore, the Great Kaohsiung is indeed the cradle for the cultivation of the national outstanding athletes.

2. In order to cultivate the future outstanding baseball athletes for the nation, our department coordinates with the policy of National Baseball Vitalization Total Program, organizes Group A Baseball Teams of University and City, and combine with local features as well as enterprise culture to promote the baseball sport of Southern Taiwan. On the other hand, our school also coordinates with the promotion group of Kaohsiung City Government Baseball Vitalization Program to plan the promotion of baseball activities in the 3 levels of schools as well as the cultivation plan of talent peoples, which includes the provision of guidance to individual Kaohsiung City middle and primary schools about the baseball keynotes for the policies in the development of their school baseball teams, further education, and job employment. In the plan, it also emphasizes the joint connection in the 3 levels of baseball system to have unimpeded channels of further education for the sports athletes. As according to records in the recent 2 years, there are 4 schools of Kaohsiung City (Kao-Yuan Vocational High School of Technology and Commerce, Kaohsiung Municipal Sanmin Senior High School, San Sin High School of Commerce and Home Economics, Huade Vocational High School of Technology & Home Economics) which occupied in the 8 baseball teams of rigid wooden bat in the Senior High School Baseball League Matches. There are nearly hundred more of outstanding baseball athletes graduated from the High Schools annually and Kaohsiung City Government recommended our school to pay serious attention to this current status and to coagulate mutual consensus for the additionally increasing admit amount of students with sports talented performance in the items of validation review and examination test. On the other hand, we deliberate and promote the assort measures of independent enrollment and those others. After held the public hearing conference made by our school with Kaohsiung City Government as well as the school teachers and directors which have sports educational classes in their schools, our school is recommended to coordinate with the program of area outstanding sports talents to establish the Department of Athletic Sports to implement the promotion in the 4 levels of baseball sport in Kaohsiung City (the Primary, Junior, and Senior High Schools as well as the Universities) to cultivate the baseball talents.

3. Our school has broad campus yard and the flat terrain (the area of school land is 82.5 hectare). The established sports stadiums and halls which complied with sports game standards include baseball stadium, international standard swimming pool, tennis court, badminton court and others to provide the high quality of training places for the various kinds of sports. Also, our school is located at Southern Taiwan with the stable climate which can make various kinds of sports without the influence from climate. It can enhance the practical strength effectively and rapidly for the development of sports competitions.

4. In order to coordinate with the sports resources and industries nearby our school, such as National Sports Park, National Sports Athlete Training Center, and Taiwan CPC Kaohsiung Refinery, we constructed the regional network of sports stadiums with the main base in National Sports Athlete Training Center. Coupled with the sports stadiums and multiple sites of land and water sports competition arenas, it becomes the city having the most intensive density of domestic sports stadiums. In the future, it will be coordinated with the outstanding sports athletes of our school by mutual supporting of software and hardware in apparatuses to achieve the sharing of resources and to implement expansively the basic sports population in Kaohsiung area as well as the target development of multivalent features of sports kinds.

2. Future Prospects

After established the Department of Athletic Sports in the initial stage, we also emphasize the professional development of the relevant sports domains in addition to cultivate the outstanding sports athletes and promptly combine with the current existing software and hardware resources of National Sports Park as well as the locally unique relevant professional expertise of industries, governments, and academics, coordinately match with the developing tendencies of international sports in order to cultivate the national outstanding sports athletes and the professional talents with humanities literacy. At the same moment, we consider the social requirements of Taiwan as well as promote the professional talent cultivation of sports industry management and international competition executive capability as the vision of developments.